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Sick Kitty

Is Your Pet Sick?  Signs You Should Never Ignore

By Julia Glass, Good Housekeeping, July 1995

Parents can usually tell if their kids are sick, plus children who are old enough can speak up. But what about a cat or dog, who can't complain? If your cat refuses dinner, is he simply pulling a Morris act or could he have an infection? If your poodle comes in from a romp and throws up, is it just because she's been bingeing on grass or did she swallow a golf ball?

Before rushing your pet to the vet, you need to determine whether the situation is a true emergency. How? Call your vet first; he or she should be able to assess the situation over the phone - maybe even advise a home remedy.

How do you know when to call? Here, according to Peter Kross, D.V.M., director of Rivergate Veterinary Clinic in New York City, are the warning signs you should always take seriously: