Humane Society of Central Illinois
Sad Pup

The Number One Pet Killer

It's the leading cause of death among dogs and cats, but you'll never see it on the six o'clock news. Don't expect to read about it either-not even in magazines for pet lovers.

It causes over 90% of companion animal deaths in the United States. The dog hit by a car was killed by it. The "indoor-outdoor" cat that caught feline leukemia was caught by it. Every stray facing euthanasia in every animal shelter in the country will die of it.

The free-running dog, the "semi-stray" cat, the millions of unwanted animals in shelters - and millions more breeding in the streets and fields - all face death by overpopulation. It will be called something else - injury, disease, euthanasia-but the simple truth will be the same.

Too many pets.

Now for the good news!  There's a cure for this terrible condition, and it's as simple as two words.