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Scared Dog!

Fourth Of July Celebrations Are No Fun For Pets

One of the most fun and family-oriented holidays of the year here in the States is the 4th of July. This holiday invokes images of parades, picnics, fairs, and most of all, the exciting nighttime fireworks displays. While your pet may enjoy the daytime activities with you, the night is a different story. Many pets, dogs, cats, and even horses are frightened by fireworks displays. The loud noises and flashing lights can be very confusing for them.

First of all, you should not bring your pets to fireworks displays unless you are absolutely certain that they are "bomb-proof". Even the most relaxed pet can become frightened and pull the leash out of your hand. You should also not leave a new pet loose in the house alone until you know how they react to fireworks. Dogs have been known to become so terrified that they've jumped through windows to try and escape the source of their fear. Chances are, if your dog has a thunderstorm phobia, they won't like fireworks either. If you do have to leave your dog alone, make sure they are either in a secure room with no windows, or in a crate. If they have noise phobia problems speak to your vet beforehand about tranquilizers. Indoor/outdoor cats should be brought inside on the 3rd, and kept in until the 5th. They can also become frightened and disoriented, and there's always the chance that some heartless person will aim fireworks in their direction. So do your pets a favor, and leave them home on the 4th.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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