Humane Society of Central Illinois

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet

10 - Each hour, every day, over 3,000 dogs and cats are born in the U.S.

Most of these animals are unwanted and many end up in shelters. You can save a life by adopting a cat or dog from your local shelter.

9 - Many dogs and cats awaiting adoption at the shelter are already housebroken!

With most family members gone during the work week for 8 hours or more, house training is certainly an important consideration.

8 - When you adopt an older dog or cat from the shelter

you already know how big the animal is, what his temperament is, how active he is and if he has been trained.

7 - Adoption staff work with you to make that perfect match

They will try and make sure that you are choosing the pet that will make both family and animal happy with each other.

6 - Instant companion!

When you adopt from a shelter, you immediately have a devoted friend for life.

5 - You will be an example to others,

... and they may become inspired to visit a shelter.

4 - There are puppies and kittens at the shelter

as well as older animals. Whatever age you are looking for, you can find him or her at the shelter.

3 - Purebreds can be found at the shelter.

Experts say approximately 10-12% of animals in shelters are purebreds. So, if you have your heart set on a certain breed, try checking with your shelter. Most will keep you on a waiting list if they don't have what you're looking for.

2 - Most shelters provide all necessary shots and spaying/neutering before the animal goes home with you.

Spaying/neutering helps to end the tremendous pet overpopulation problem, is healthier for your animal and saves you time and money.

1 - Unconditional Love!

Your new pet will love you regardless of all other outside factors. Where else can you find that kind of devotion?

The National Humane Education Society