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Pet Care Tips

The following articles are intended to share information about topics we frequently receive calls or questions about. The articles are from many sources and may exhibit different opinions. We hope the articles provide useful, helpful information, but they are not meant to substitute medical care or training courses. Please consult your veterinarian or a trainer as needed.  Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, General, Inspirational and Thought Provoking, Humorous

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Cat Care Tips

  1. So You Want Another Cat ...
  2. Kitten Health Care
  3. Be A Responsible Cat Owner!
  4. What Next: Bringing Your New Cat Home
  5. Cat Proofing Your House
  6. What Indoor Cats Miss
  7. Why Keep Cats Inside?
  8. Don't Let The Cat Out
  9. Can You Find The Five Reasons For Keeping Your Cat Indoors?
  10. Litter Training
  11. Pick Of The Litter
  12. Litter Box Problems And Solutions
  13. Pause For Claws
  14. How To Trim Claws
  15. How To Pill A Cat
  16. Kitten Care: Biting And Scratching
  17. Cats And Hairballs
  18. And Baby Makes Four!
  19. The Truth About Cats And Babies
  20. Cat Essentials
  21. A Cat Is Waiting: Adopting The Right Cat For You
  22. Cat's Play: Safe Toy Selection For Your Feline
  23. Breaking The Ice: Bringing Home A New Cat
  24. No More Scaredy-Cat: Guidelines For Optimal Kitten Socialization And Development
  25. Tea Time: Improving Feline Socialization
  26. Crowded House: Living With More Than One Cat
  27. Tom, Meet Geri: New Cat Introductions
  28. By Tooth And Nail: Resolving Household Destruction
  29. Claws: Controlling The Damage
  30. Feline Nocturne: Dealing With Nighttime Troublemakers
  31. Misbehavin' No More: Simple Solutions For Problem Behaviors
  32. If Only Cats Could Write: Resolving Feline Spraying
  33. Float Like A Butterfly: Channeling Predatory Play Aggression
  34. Turbulent Tabbies: Resolving Feline Aggression Part I
  35. Cats On The Edge: Resolving Feline Aggression Part II
  36. What's Bugging Your Crabby Tabby?: Resolving Feline Aggression Part III
  37. Letting The Cat Out... Or Not: A Look At Indoor / Outdoor Issues
  38. Coming In From The Cold: Transitioning An Outdoor Cat To Indoors
  39. Saving Serafina: Feline High-Rise Syndrome
  40. When Baby Makes Four: Preparing The Cat For A New Baby
  41. The Trouble With Cats And Plants: Safeguarding Plants From Cats

Dog Care Tips

  1. Ten Commandments Before Getting A Dog
  2. Dog Essentials
  3. Puppy Preparedness - Readying The Home For A New Canine Arrival
  4. Puppies
  5. New Dog / Puppy Guardianship
  6. House Training Your Puppy
  7. Bringing Up Baby - Socialization For Young Pups
  8. Rebels With Paws - Surviving A Canine's Adolescence
  9. The Potty Wars, Part I - The Three Cs Of House-Training Your Pup
  10. The Potty Wars, Part II - Trouble-Shooting Elimination Problems
  11. Tips On Introducing A New Dog
  12. The Outside-Only Dog ... A Sad Dog
  13. Distracting Your Home-Alone Dog
  14. Sit, Stay! Give Your Dog Its Own Space
  15. Heartworms
  16. Heartworms
  17. Can My Dog Get Heartworm Disease?
  18. Training Your Dog Not To Jump Up
  19. Make It A Safe Trip For Your Dog
  20. Grooming Your Dog
  21. Placing A Dog On Your Own
  22. For Every Canine, A Castle - The Benefits Of Crate Training
  23. Equipment Matters - Selecting The Right Training Tools
  24. Misbehavin' No More - Simple Solutions For Problem Behaviors
  25. Information, Please - A Guide To The Canine Behavior Professions
  26. Why Bobbie Won't Come - Improving Your Dog's Recall
  27. Keep 'Em Working - Breed-Based Activities For Bored Dogs
  28. Dethroning The Canine King - A Leadership Program For Bossy Dogs
  29. Digger Dogs - Channeling A Dog's Urge To Dig
  30. Chew On This - Putting An End To Canine Oral Destruction
  31. Mine! - Resolving Food Aggression
  32. Mine II - Reducing Object Guarding
  33. A Dirty Little Habit - Behavior Modification For Dogs Who Eat Feces
  34. Getting Over The Hump - Putting An End To Canine Mounting
  35. Hello? Anybody Out There? - "Home Alone" Barking
  36. Don't Leave Me This Way - Resolving Separation Anxiety Problems
  37. Phresh Air Phydeaux - Eliminating Backyard Banishment

Rabbit Care Tips

  1. Are You a "Rabbit Person"?
  2. Rabbit Ownership Grows By "Hops and Jumps"
  3. Opt to Adopt a Rabbit

Guinea Pig Care Tips

  1. General Guinea Pig Care

General Tips

  1. Selecting A Pet
  2. You Can Be A Responsible Pet Owner!
  3. Pet Care Tips
  4. Is Your Pet Sick? Signs You Should Never Ignore
  5. Emergency Situations
  6. Emergency Care For Your Pet
  7. Toxic Plants and Other Items Dangerous to Pets
  8. Leaving Your Pet In A Parked Car Can Be A Deadly Mistake
  9. The Number One Pet Killer
  10. Important Reasons To Spay Or Neuter Your Pet
  11. Companion Animal Overpopulation: Myth vs. Fact
  12. Win-Win Situation ... Why Spay Or Neuter Your Cat?
  13. Halloween Pet Tips
  14. Pet Therapy - Cold Noses Warm Hearts
  15. Fourth Of July Celebrations Are No Fun For Pets
  16. Before Giving A Pet As A Gift...
  17. Are you sure you want to Adopt a Pet? Wait just a minute!
  18. Take a Second Look: Consider Adopting an Adult Cat or Dog
  19. Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet
  20. Why do we ask so many questions?
  21. The Homeless Animal Population. What's the Problem?
  22. Microchipping at HSCI
  23. Microchipping, Tags, and ID's
  24. Ten Tips on Coping with the Loss of Your Pet
  25. Ideas on Meaning Ways to Memorialize Your Companion Animal
  26. Full House - Living Peaceably With Cats And Dogs
  27. Lost Pet Behavior
  28. Summer Safety Sheet
  29. Allergies and Pets

Inspirational and Thought Provoking

  1. If ...
  2. Do You Remember ...
  3. How Could You?
  4. The Rainbow Bridge
  5. I Could Never Work Here!
  6. A Nice Story
  7. A Prayer for Animals
  8. If Tears Could Build a Stairway
  9. A Dog's Purpose
  10. Postal Service Story
  11. The Animals' Savior
  12. If I Didn't Have a Dog
  13. Just a Dog
  14. I Rescued A Human Today
  15. If Not For You


  1. Excerpts From a Dog's Diary
  2. Excerpts From a Cat's Diary

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