Humane Society of Central Illinois
Caeser Caeser Caeser Caeser Caeser Caeser


Hello, my name is Caesar. I'm a 30+ year old Arabian gelding with a story to tell. In September 1995 I was rescued by the Humane Society of Central Illinois. I was horribly thin, emaciated, dehydrated and standing in several years of accumulated feces. There was so much fecal accumulation that I was over 4 feet in the air and the bottoms of my hooves were rotting. I was found with over 150 other animals, one of the largest rescues in Central Illinois. I hadn't seen the light of day for months at a time. When I was taken out of the sweltering building, I could barely walk on my own. I was helped by several volunteers. You can see the pictures of me. I was so thin. The veterinarians didn't hold out much hope for me. They recommended that I be put to sleep. That in itself would have been an end to all of my misery.

The investigator who found me originally spoke up and said that I should be given a chance. Little did I know what was in store for me. I was examined by a veterinarian and given a number for identification. Who would want a starving emaciated stallion? The man who led me out said I had a little sparkle left in my eyes and he wanted me to be given that chance. My teeth were in bad shape. My hooves over grown. My coat was dull. My ribs and hips were showing and protruding. My tail and mane were tangled. I was full of parasites. I had wood splinters in my digestive tract from eating the wood rafters in my stall. I realized that I didn't have the strength to climb into the trailer. I was helped in by several caring volunteers. My life was about to change.

I was taken to a foster home where the people made such a fuss over me, like I was royalty. I was given hay and water. I was afraid I would not get another drink so I was over-drinking, so the water had to be rationed. I was bathed. My teeth were floated. Little did I know that these wonderful people were going to take care of me for the next couple of months. I wasn't much to look at. The man who took me out of the death camp would come and visit me.

During the next year, I put on nearly 300 pounds. My coat is nice and shiny. I was gelded, wormed, and vaccinated. The veterinarian examined me and said he couldn't believe it was the same horse. I was healthy enough now to go to my new home thanks to the Humane Society. I wondered where I was going. I was loaded up and driven far into the country. The place was beautiful with lots of green grass. I could see 2 other horses, and I wondered what their stories are. I was led into a new barn to an empty large bright stall with the name "Caesar" on it. I was told, by the man who said I had a little sparkle left in my eyes, that Caesar was royalty. I was home.