Humane Society of Central Illinois
Ginger and Sophia

Ginger and Sophia

There was a female kitten rescued by the Humane Society. She was quite thin and wandering around a garbage dumpster. She obviously was separated from her litter mates and mother. At that same time, another female cat was thrown from an automobile in northwest McLean County. She was discarded probably because she was pregnant. A kind neighbor stepped up and took the cat in until something could be done. She hid in the hay rafters of a horse barn for days. This traumatized cat finally came out one day and was given all kinds of attention. That person took her home and then proceeded to the veterinarian only to find out she was pregnant. She was so thin that her survival was in question. She survived the surgery and was adopted.

Her name was Ginger. Ginger healed nicely and immediately bonded to the lady of the house. She loved her dearly, yet something was missing. Her husband happened to be at the Humane Society and saw the starving kitten. She was brought into the household as well. She was named Sophia. Suddenly, Ginger had a baby. Sophia had a mommy. What was missing had now been found.

For years the cats slept and played together. Ginger the adult cat was still quite small. Yet as Sophia the kitten grew, the smaller cat still ruled. The cats were often referred to as "the girls". They were quite feminine yet monsters when they had to be! Ginger seemed to be losing weight and getting weak. After much vet care, we found she had a congenital kidney problem. It proved to be fatal. There was nothing that we could do other than to love her to the quiet peaceful end. This little abandoned cat had a heart the size of a softball. She loved the dogs and loved us but her body was fragile.

She died in my wife's arms one evening. She hated the cold weather so we had her cremated and placed her remains in her favorite spot. To this day, Sophia curls up at night and sleeps with her mama on the dresser.

Two unwanted stray creatures without a hope enriched the lives of many.