Humane Society of Central Illinois
The Crate Abandoned Cat

Five Cats Left in Freezing Temperatures

The ice storm came through on December 19, 2008 and conditions were still terrible days later, as cold temperatures refused to let the ice melt. It was not fit out for man nor beast.

Imagine our shock when, upon arriving at the shelter at 7:00 am, December 21, we found five cats in a nylon crate in below 0 temperatures. The wind chill was brutal, near -30°!  These poor cats were in a nylon cage with mesh openings on the side and a small sleeping bag inside. No protection from the bitter wind, no litter box. The cats were all huddled on top of each other for warmth, though little good it did. It's a wonder they did not freeze to death in the conditions that night.

Icicles clung to the faces of a few of them, so they had to have been abandoned hours earlier. The volunteers had to apply warm compresses to melt the ice. Trying to pull it off would have injured them.

Why would someone choose that night of all nights to drop them off?  Why couldn't they wait until our doors were open?  This is simply another example of the neglect cases HSCI sees that defy common sense.

The cats are recovering and, after being spayed and neutered, will be placed for adoption in warm, loving homes. These cats were lucky!

The Humane Society of Central Illinois relies on donations for the care of abandoned and unwanted pets like these five kitties. Without your support, cats like these would have no place to go. If you are already a supporter - we thank you!  If not, please make a commitment to help the abandoned and unwanted pets in your community!

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