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Available Cats

HSCI always has a variety of cats looking for their forever home: kittens, adults, short-hair, long-hair, tabby, exotic. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

We update this page often as new cats come in and others go home. Not all available cats are included on our website so we encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  Adoption application process details are included on our Adoption Information page. To see photos of pets that have found new homes, visit the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

Cats that have the Very Important Pet! Very Important Pet logo have a reduced fee of $30!  Look for the logo on their files by their kennels.

If you are unable to adopt any pets at this time, consider helping a pet with a Pet Sponsorship. To those supporters who have sponsored one or more pets, Thank You!

Picture of Bea the cat.

~  Bea  ~

Bea is a self-sufficient seven-year old lady who likes to spend most of her time by herself, but when she does want attention Bea is all sweet, sassy love!

Bea has been sponsored by Swati Khanna! 

Picture of Kameron the kitten.

~  Kameron  ~

Kameron is a buff and white two year old snuggly boy. He is very curious and playful. Meal time is Kameron's favorite time of the day!

Kameron has been sponsored by Kelli McCubbins! 

Picture of Tilly the cat.

~  Tilly  ~

Tilly is an independent and inquisitive three year-old lady who likes exploring and attention from people but keeps her distance from other cats.

Tilly has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Tilly has been sponsored by Rhonda and Matthew Felson, and Shiloh; a former HSCI resident. 

Picture of Donna the cat.

~  Donna  ~

Donna is a darling three year old bob-tailed girl who can be timid early on but with time she's full of gentle mews and super-cuddly warmth.

Donna has been sponsored by Sadie Brommer!  Sponsoring because these babies need us. 

Picture of Oakley the cat.

~  Oakley  ~

Oakley is an inquisitive little two-year old adventurer that may come off a little skeptical at first, but if you put out a hand she'll be right there ready to get some lovin'!  Oakley's eager to play too, and while she can sometimes get a little rough-and-tumble she will be sure to turn back to a sweetheart softy once the time for snuggles rolls around.

Oakley has been sponsored by Cami Mac! 

Picture of Zara the cat.

~  Zara  ~

Zara is a calm, independent silver-tongued six-year old snugglebug who'll grab your attention with persuasive chirps and keep it with soft cheeks and a chunky belly begging for well-deserved lovin'.

Zara has been sponsored by Kristen Gonterman! 

Picture of Leo the cat.

~  Leo  ~

Leo is a pleasant one year old orange tabby boy. He is not a fan of being picked up, but loves attention!  He is very inquisitive and playful.

Sponsor Leo

Picture of Bobbi the cat.

~  Bobbi  ~

Bobbi is a sweet three year old lady who can be a little timid at first. But as she warms up, she enjoys exploring and getting affection from people.

Bobbi has been sponsored by Kathy Kesner!  In memory of Lu and Gabby, Rusty and Scatman, Streak, Squeak and Snooty, and Patches. Always in our hearts. 

Picture of Ellie the cat.

~  Ellie  ~

Ellie is a three year old female cat. She is very timid at first, but she becomes comfortable once she has gotten a chance to explore her surroundings. Ellie loves to sit on laps and knead her little paws. She enjoys attention. Ellie would appreciate a calm, quiet home.

Ellie has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Picture of Hayden the cat.

~  Hayden  ~

Hayden is a modest two year old gray girl. Once you win over her favor she adores pets and attention.

Hayden has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor! 

Picture of Bryson the cat.

~  Bryson  ~

Bryson is a delightful two year old orange boy. He can be very playful, but is usually on the lookout for a comfy spot to curl up.

Bryson has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  In memory of Barney, Cheeky, Rogue, Precious and Princess. You are all missed and loved. Take care of each other! 

Picture of April the cat.

~  April  ~

April is a quiet and polite two year-old with a great fondness for head scratches and attentive people.

April has been sponsored by India Bowen!  In honor of Luna, Egg, Waffle, Roxy, and Mixie. 

April has been sponsored by a gracious anonymous sponsor!  Thank you to the workers and volunteers at the HSCI for their hard work and warm hearts. 

Picture of Ruth the cat.

~  Ruth  ~

Ruth is a self-reliant eight year old tortoiseshell lady whose favorite hobbies involve watching the day go by at the very top of the cat tree and getting loved on by polite people.

Ruth has been sponsored by Sadie!  Thank you all who help these innocent animals. 

Picture of Nina the patched tabby cat.

~  Nina  ~

Nina is an independent five-year old patched tabby girl that can be very persuasive when she wants loving!  You'll just have to give her time to get used to you and any new place, but when Nina's ready for you she's sure to let you know.

Nina has been sponsored by Kayla Peifer! 

Picture of Annie the cat.

~  Annie  ~

Annie is a free-spirited one year old tortoiseshell lady. She loves curling up in comfortable spots. Annie's ideal home would be calm and relaxed, just like her.

Sponsor Annie

Picture of Arla the cat.

~  Arla  ~

Despite her humble beginning, we think Arla's got the expressive face of a superstar!  This one-year old torbie girl is always curious about what you're up to, and with some gentle nudges by your legs she'll let you know she always has more love to give.

Sponsor Arla

Picture of Helga the tabby cat.

~  Helga  ~

Helga is a peppy two-year old tabby girl with a penchant for playtime and sweet sweet headrubs, and if you're ever worried you might not be showing her enough attention, no need - this talkative girl will let you know!

Helga has been sponsored by Jill & Jason Overholt!  Happy Birthday to Clint! 

Picture of Asher the cat.

~  Asher  ~

Asher is a dashing and feisty three year old sable boy who likes to take his time getting to know people - as long as you play with him when he wants it and respect his space when he needs it, he's an incredibly sweet guy full of personality.

Sponsor Asher

Adopted! Picture of Spence the cat.

~  Spence  ~

Spence is a five year old orange and tabby boy. He is very playful, enjoys pets, and loves attention.

Adopted! Picture of Percy the cat.

~  Percy  ~

Percy is a talkative young ham at four years old that appreciates his space at times, but as soon as he wants cuddles you will be the first to know!  He's got a charming voice, soft poofy fur, and a calm (if sometimes bossy) disposition that's sure to persuade most people that he's the one.

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