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Available Dogs

HSCI always has a variety of dogs looking for their forever home: big, small, mixed breed, purebred. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

We update this page often as new dogs come in and others go home. Not all available dogs are included on our website so we encourage you to visit the Pet Adoption Center in person!  Adoption application process details are included on our Adoption Information page. To see photos of pets that have found new homes, visit the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

If you are unable to adopt any pets at this time, consider helping a pet with a Pet Sponsorship. To those supporters who have sponsored one or more pets, Thank You!

Picture of Picasso the terrier.

~  Picasso  ~

Picasso is a very shy, gentle two-year old terrier sweetheart who needs a lot of time and space to come out of his shell. His favorite place must be sunlit, warm grass by the side of someone he trusts where he can romp around and get plenty of ear scratches!  Any forever family for Picasso would need to come in several times for him to get comfortable with them first, and all members need to be at least eighteen years or older to make sure Picasso will have the understanding, calm home he deserves.

Picasso has been sponsored by Bill Kaminski!  In memory of Emma. 

Picture of Hutch the lab.

~  Hutch  ~

Hutch is a large five-month old lab boy that's almost as eager to play as he is to cuddle. He still needs a lot of training to help him manage his goofy frame, but Hutch's biggest perk is his readiness to learn how to be the perfect pal for any new family!

Hutch has been sponsored by Jamie Phelps! Dedicated to our HSCI adoption Potato. Now known as Copper. 

Picture of Tulip the husky.

~  Tulip  ~

Tulip is a beautiful eight-month old husky lady with all the proper poise and manners to be a lovely addition to any home!  She knows sit and loves to be around her people, and she will do best in a home with family members at least ten years and older. Like most young pups Tulip still needs lots of exercise and training to make sure she gets the education she needs, but we're confident with the right people she will turn out to be a stellar canine citizen!

Sponsor Tulip

Picture of Hoss the beagle mix.

~  Hoss  ~

Hoss is a six-year old beagle mix with the soulful eyes to match his bark!  He's a well-mannered and vocal old gent that walks well on a harness and loves his people, but Hoss will need people that will let him take his time getting to know them. Hoss's forever home should be a place that has family members at least fifteen years and older, no shared walls, and is free of cat friends where he can sing and be cherished to his heart's content!

Hoss has been sponsored by Kacie Shepherd! 

Hoss has been sponsored by Jamie Phelps!  In loving memory of Wrigley and Liberty. 

Picture of Felicia the Heeler mix.

~  Felicia  ~

Felicia is an adorable one-year old Heeler mix. She is very playful and loves to have your attention. Felicia knows how to sit and walks best on a harness. She needs a family will to teach her basic training, and all family members must be at least eight year of age or older. If this sweet girl sounds like she would be a good addition to your family, help us say "Bye Felicia!"

Felicia has been sponsored by The Ginzburg Family!  In memory of Gracie, our White Shepherd, and Carmen, our rescue Great Pyrenees. 

Picture of Finn the Hound Mix.

~  Finn  ~

Finn is a very energetic and playful ten month old Hound Mix. He is a goofy boy that loves attention and affection. This lovable boy's ideal home would have lots of room to run without any cat friends. All family members must be eight years of age and older to keep up with this righteous boy's boundless energy.

Finn has been sponsored by Carole Miller! 

Picture of Daisy the mix-breed.

~  Daisy  ~

Daisy is a petite and scrappy four month old mix-breed gal who's sure to grow into her paws as fast as she'll grow on your heart!  In a forever home you could catch Daisy scampering around ankles and bounding into your couch, and while she needs help learning some manners and tricks we're sure with a little help and patience Daisy will be on her way in no time.

Daisy has been sponsored by Rosa Berglund!  In loving memory of Hershey! 

Picture of Pearl the Maltese.

~  Pearl  ~

Pearl is a very sweet and affectionate three-year old Maltese girl looking for a calm home. Pearl walks great on a leash and would do best with family members twelve years and older that can teach her basic training. All over, Pearl is a lovely, poised girl who loves to be pet and showered with attention!

Pearl has been sponsored by Jamie Phelps!  In loving memory of Wrigley and Liberty. 

Picture of Tommy the dog.

~  Tommy  ~

Tommy is a two year-old black lab mix with a grin meant for the movies!  This rambunctious charmer can start off seeming like any average canine civilian, but don't let his mild-mannered alter-ego fool you - get this boy playing and he's a rough n' tumble goof who won't quit. Tommy would do best in a home with active people and residents fifteen years or older that can keep up with his love-hard-play-hard style, so if that sounds like you come pay Tommy a visit!

Tommy has been sponsored by Judith Webster!  In memory of Pepper. 

Tommy has been sponsored by Sadie!  In honor of my rescue, KC. 

Tommy has been sponsored by Dr. Harvey Thomas! 

Tommy has been sponsored by Toby, Linda & Karen in honor of Leslie. 

Picture of Mac the Basset mix.

~  Mac  ~

Mac is a handsome three-year old black and brown Basset mix. Mac knows how to sit and shake. He is a very playful and energetic boy. Mac would do best in a home with lots of room to run because he loves being outside. He usually has his nose to the ground, like a typical hound!  Mac would also prefer a home without cats, and children at least eight years of age. All in all Mac is a sweet goofball who would love to roll around in your yard!

Mac has been sponsored by Bill Kaminski!  In memory of Gizzie and Kira. 

Picture of Rowe the dog.

~  Rowe  ~

Rowe is a two year old Border Collie mix who loves to go running in the pens outside and loves to play with people. He knows sit so far, and is on his manners. Rowe will do best with adults and teens, and one that is free of felines.

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