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Available Rabbits and More

The HSCI also has a variety of pets other than cats and dogs looking for their forever home such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, rats, hamsters and more. Our pets are vetted and handled regularly by staff and volunteers so they are healthy and socialized!

This page is updated frequently as new pets come in and others go home. Pet bios are subject to change. Adoption application process details are included on our Adoption Information page. To see photos of pets that have found new homes, visit the Galleries of Adopted Pets.

If you are unable to adopt any pets at this time, consider helping a pet with a Pet Sponsorship. To those supporters who have sponsored one or more pets, Thank You!

Picture of Snickers the rabbit.

~  Snickers  ~

Hi!  My name is Snickers and I am a one-and-a-half-year-old brown spotted female rabbit. I am shy and like sleep in my hut. My adoption fee is $20.

Sponsor Snickers

Picture of Twix the rabbit.

~  Twix  ~

Howdy!  My name is Twix and I am a one-year-old tan spotted male rabbit. I enjoy eating hay and sit on top of my house. My adoption fee is $20.

Sponsor Twix

Picture of Blueberry the parakeet.


~  Blueberry  ~

Hello!  My name is Blueberry and I am blue parakeet. I love to sing and fly around my cage. I can't wait to have you heard my voice and watch me soar. I would love to be adopted with my mate Lemondrop!  My adoption fee is $15.

Picture of Lemondrop the parakeet.


~  Lemondrop  ~

Hey!  My name is Lemondrop and I am a green and yellow parakeet. I enjoy swinging in my cage and nibbling on birdseed. I would love to be adopted with my mate Blueberry. My adoption fee is $15.

Picture of Peppermint the rat.


~  Peppermint  ~

Hey there!  My name is Peppermint and I am a female black rat that is under a year old. I enjoy being held and cuddle in pockets. My adoption fee is $5.

Picture of Lavender the rat.


~  Lavender  ~

Hi!  My name is Lavender and I am a gray rat female that is under a year old. I enjoy burrowing in my cage and play with toys. My adoption fee is $5.

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