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Frequently Asked Questions  -  (and Answers)

I've heard that the HSCI doesn't adopt to some people. Is that true?

There are many people who adopt from us and we are thankful they considered us when looking for a pet. We do not adopt to everyone. We require an application to be completed. Based on the completed application, we will check references as needed. Every application is unique and some applications may require additional time to review. Applications received within 30 minutes of closing time may not be considered until the next adoption day.

We realize that these procedures may be offensive to some people. Our screening process is consistent with other humane societies and is necessary to ensure a permanent, committed home. If we gave an animal to anyone who asked, we might as well be a pet store. We want to make sure each animal receives the time and attention it deserves to have a long, healthy, and happy life.

The application helps Adoption Staff to understand adopters' needs so that we can facilitate matches. We check references to promote responsible pet ownership by respecting land owner's wishes. Many animals are relinquished to us specifically because of a person's failure to check or abide their landlord's policies.

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