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Frequently Asked Questions  -  (and Answers)

Dog Park

What and where is the dog park?

The Town of Normal opened our area's first official Dog Park in Spring 2005. The 36,000 square feet of open land area will be to the delight of many dogs and dog owners. The dog park includes 6 foot high fencing, doggie drinking fountains, benches, and seating for dog owners. The town recently planted trees in the area that will provide some future shade and wind break for the spot.

The park has separate areas for smaller and larger breed dogs. The facility has a double-gate system to prevent dogs from becoming loose. Once inside the main part, dogs are off-leash free to run, play, and meet new canine friends. Dog parks are a wonderful venue to meet your dog's exercise and social needs. You may even want to start a dog play group.

Often people wonder about dogs not getting along. In most cases, it is neutral territory and not an issue. Still, there are things to consider. Read the Is your dog ready for play in the dog park? article to decide whether your dog is well-suited for the park.

The facility is open during regular park hours of 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Dog owners will be required to clean up after their pets so that a clean and healthy environment can be maintained for all to enjoy. Be sure to review the Dog Park Rules before visiting the park.

The site is located within Maxwell Park just west of the new horseshoe courts and south of Champion Fields on Parkside and Gregory Streets. Map to the Dog Park.

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