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Frequently Asked Questions  -  (and Answers)

Does HSCI work with Animal Control or other shelters?

HSCI has a close effective working relationship with Animal Control. Animal Control has a different role in our community than HSCI. Therefore, we can often help one another.

Animal Control's responsibility is to protect people from animals. They enforce leash laws, collect fees, and can pick-up loose animals in city limits/contracted areas. Strays are required to go to Animal Control so the owner can have the opportunity to claim the pet. Animal Control is part of the county government and is supported by tax dollars. They do operate a small adoption program.

When HSCI has openings, we regularly transfer pets in from Animal Control and nearby shelters who share the same standard of care as we do. It is our goal to help local pets in need. By transferring pets into HSCI, we hope to give them another chance at finding a permanent home.

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