Humane Society of Central Illinois

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Humane Education Programs

Humane Education Programs for Children and Adults

The Humane Society of Central Illinois offers Humane Education presentations on the proper, humane treatment of animals. We can present to your school, club, 4-H group, Girl or Boy Scout troops, Church group, or any service organizations. Teaching the adults of tomorrow to respect all life is an important aspect of our programs. To have a speaker come to your group, please call (309) 451-1000.

Humane Awareness, Outreach and Education

Our humane education efforts are guided by the principles of kindness, compassion and reverence for life. Staff and trained volunteers teach children in our schools and conduct presentations for community groups. We also provide information and consultation about lost-and-found pets, pet behavior problems, preventative health-related issues and other areas of concern for pet owners. Each year, the HSCI teaches hundreds of children and adults about the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Individuals who have lost a pet should also visit the Animal Control facility operated by the McLean County Health Department on Morris Avenue. Their phone number is (309) 888-5060. Rabies tags can be traced through their office.

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