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We've Moved to a New Location!

We've Moved to a New Location!

History / Mission

Since October 1996, the Humane Society of Central Illinois (HSCI) has operated its Pet Adoption Center at 3001 Gill Street in Bloomington. For almost a decade, the Pet Adoption Center has served our community by meeting the needs of abandoned, homeless, and abused pets. Each year, more people choose HSCI to adopt their next companion. Our efforts in humane education and low cost spay/neuter have increased as well. For more details about our history, please visit our Mission Statement / History webpage.

Decision to Move

Although the demand for our services keeps increasing, HSCI was not expecting to move so soon. However, a building became available that would meet our needs in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, HSCI will be moving to 423 Kays Drive in Normal, and listing our current facility at 3001 Gill Street in Bloomington for sale. Some of the expected benefits of our move are:



Building / Move Basics:

The HSCI provides services to our community and offers hope for countless pets. Our move will allow us to do more in the future for our pets. This location will serve us for many years to come. Map to our new location, 423 Kays Drive.

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