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Picture of a completed Volunteer Service Project.

Service Projects

We receive many requests from groups who would like to perform a few hours of volunteer service as part of a class requirement, club service project, or as a bonding activity. To arrange an activity, we normally need at least two weeks notice to arrange publicity and a volunteer supervisor. Please contact volunteers to choose and arrange a project.

There are many ways that your group can help HSCI. See the items listed on the Volunteer Opportunities webpage. To work with animal care, we encourage those 16 and over to become an on-going volunteer by attending a New Volunteer Class. Classes are held at the Pet Adoption Center several times monthly. See the Calendar of Events for the dates and times when classes are scheduled. Volunteers should come in individually or in small groups of 2 or 3. It is problematic, not helpful, to take the dogs out as a group. If you would like to volunteer together, please consider the suggestions listed below. Animal care is not recommended for episodic/one-time or short-term volunteers.

Service Project Suggestions

Organize a Supply Drive:   Contact our supply drive chair at outreach to book a date/target group. Our Wish Lists are listed on our website for your review. The Supply Chair can also let you know which items are most needed based on current supply levels. Items commonly collected are:  laundry detergent, paper towels, bleach, stamps, Science Diet and much more. Supply drives are an easy way to support the Humane Society. The donated supplies help reduce the HSCI's expenses.

Project Day:   As a one-time, short-term group opportunity, HSCI occasionally has Project Days which usually involve groups of 7 - 25 for 1½ to 3 hours at the Pet Adoption Center with a volunteer supervisor. Much of the work at HSCI involves cleaning and groups can be a big help in this area. Some of the common tasks involve:  folding laundry, washing dishes, sweeping, organizing storage areas, preparing mailers, vacuuming/dusting, cleaning windows, and picking up outside. Dress to get dirty. The work may not be glamorous but it is essential to have a clean environment for our pets.

Organize a Fundraiser:   Hold a bake sale, car wash or event that would be popular in your department/group and collect donations for HSCI. Distribute information about the shelter at your event to help educate the public. To help publicize the event and to prevent confusion, please submit an Event Notification Form as a first step in planning the event.

Organize an Awareness Event:   A school or community-wide animal awareness week will help get the message of kindness to animals heard. HSCI often has volunteers give presentations on a number of topics. We also have information in our lobby area available to use for class projects.

Picture of Eagle Scout with a Project.

Eagle Scout or Class Projects:   HSCI has benefited from several Eagle Scout projects. Our storage shed and rabbit counter were the results of Chase's work in 2005. To coincide with our move in 2006, Tony led a construction project to build storage benches for our three viewing rooms and our incoming pets entrance.

More projects are in development

HSCI welcomes individuals, groups, and businesses to support our mission by arranging a fundraiser or event. All fundraisers/events that include making contacts on behalf of HSCI need a proposal and acceptance from HSCI prior to the start of the event. If you have any questions, please contact us at outreach.

Internships:   HSCI has had many interns from ISU, Lincoln College, and Heartland Community College. Typically internships are limited to 1 - 2 people per semester. Most interns work with our events and publicity efforts. We encourage students to:

Assignments vary considerably depending on department requirements, timing, and skill/interests. We appreciate any assistance in these areas.

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