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Microchipping, Tags, and ID's

Your Pet's Ticket Home

Should your pet be separated, make sure they can be found.

Sadly, few pets that are lost make it back to their home. Even the best owners can encounter unexpected circumstances where their pet becomes separated from them.

Discovering your pet is lost and searching for them can be emotionally stressful and unfortunately may not be successful. It is estimated only 17% of dogs are reunited with their families. Improve your pet's chances. Always have a collar and id with your current contact information on your pet. A rabies tag is not the same. An additional option to consider is microchipping. This permanent one-time procedure causes little discomfort. A tiny rice-grain-sized chip is inserted between the shoulder blades of your loved one with an identification number. If your pet enters a shelter/vet/animal control environment, they can trace the pet back to you. Microchipping has led to some pets being reunited after many years or many miles.

Collars, ID tags and microchips can help keep a family together!

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